Is it possible to run a hot-water zone off a Steam Boiler?

The answer to the question is Yes, you could run a hot-water zone with the help of a steam boiler. Different heating professional people from New York have been practicing this thing with the help of a huge amount of steam.

Let’s see how does this work, and it’s effectiveness.

Is it possible to run a hot-water zone off a Steam Boiler?

There is no need of heat-exchangers though, still, if you have got one then you can install a water to water exchanger that will give you the best kind of installation.

A Hot-Water Zone Off a Steam Boiler

Now, it’s possible to run a hot-water zone with the help of a steam boiler but it has got some limitations there. First, you have got the boiler’s gross output and the second is the net capacity. While the gross output is always seen to be 20% higher than the total net capacity.

Another question that people usually have about the boilers and its system is how the water remains up in the piping thing. This is because of the air surrounding the system. Air has its own weight and it keeps on pressing down the things that it touches.

There is no point in oversizing the steam boiler. You may think that this will get you more output, but it will simply push out a lot of steam out which may lead to problems like water hammer, uneven heating, surging water lines and others.

Points to note while running a hot-water zone off a steam boiler::

  • make a bypass pipe surrounding the steam boiler that will circulate out the radiation.
  • There are no pressure-reducing valves set in this, so you could experience a banging hot water zone in the basement side of the machine.
  • You could run the machine in its priority condition but you won’t find any heat in the steam system while the water zone is operating.
  • Smaller boiler taps do not go well for the boilers, as this leads to low heat transfer.

So, these are the points that you need to note about, and never forget while using a steam boiler for the purpose of running a hot water zone.